Saints Tour & Filmscreening
24 Dec, 2016
Guided tour of the Khalifa street’s heritage. A tailored tour offered by Athar Lina taking you through the back streets al-Khalifa Street while weaving the history of the street as recounted in the history books with the myths told by the people and their personal memories with their heritage. The tour starts from Sayyida Nafisa mosque and shrine to Dome of Abbasid Caliphes, Mausoleum of Mufi al-Dayn, Mausoleum of al-Hinnawi, Dome of Jawhara, Tomb of Nabila Bint Fu’ad to al-Mu’arrif Mosque and Sayyidi al-Arba’in Mausoleum, Shrine of al-Sayyida Ruqayya, Domes of al-Ja’fari and ‘Atika and Mausoleum of Shajar al-Durr. The tour is designed by Athar Lina with the Ministry of Antiquities' Department of Historic Cairo. Tour guide: Maissa Moustafa Meeting point at Sayyida Nafisa Square, at 1:30 pm Tour starts by 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm Number of participants limited to 30 - please register here: Guiding fees: 50 LE Reservations through vodafone cash: 01012802884 20% of proceeds go to Athar Lina's heritage school for Khalifa's children. The tour is followed bya film screening on the Dome of Shajar al-Durr at 6:00 pm. The film screening is free of charge and the film will be announced shortly.