This theme addresses the concept of play and games that historically range from antiquity to the present. Through interactive activities, children participate in the design and assembly of toys and games inspired by the common history between Egypt and Syria. Children were introduced to the history of play and taught when and where traditional games like hopscotch, jump rope and kites were invented. In addition to these, children learnt about the history of board games, whether popular ones like Chess, Backgammon and Checkers or lesser known games such as Manqala and Pachisi, or obsolete games such as the Ancient Egyptian Senet and the Mesopotamian Royal Game of Ur. Children were encouraged to demonstrate the games that have been commonly played in their families through the years. After learning to play these games, children made their own chess pieces inspired by characters from the Kritliyya myths and checkers pieces with Islamic designs. They created kites and figurines inspired by toys from Ancient Egypt and Syria.