City walk | Sultans Tour and Filmscreening
19 Nov, 2016
Guided tour of the Khalifa street’s heritage. A tailored tour offered by Athar Lina taking you through the back streets al-Khalifa Street while weaving the history of the street as recounted in the history books with the myths told by the people and their personal memories with their heritage.
The tour starts from Ibn Tulun Mosque to Madrsa of Sarghatmish,Shaykhu Mosque, Ahmad Kuhya Mosque, to Hanafayyit Balash, Shajar al-Durr, S. Ruqayya, Ja’fari and ‘Atika.
It focuses on the unexpected traces of rulers, ruling regimes and states on the city in general and the intimate spaces of al-Khalifa in particular - from the remains of a whole city built by Ibn Tulun to a public water pump installed with money from one of the first phases of USAID funding to Egypt. We visit Egypt's only female ruler from the Islamic period and find out about the dream vision of the wife of another ruler that led to the construction of the shrine of al-Sayyida Ruqayya.
The tour is designed by Athar Lina and organised by BEC-Megawra with the Ministry of Antiquities' Department of Historic Cairo.
Tour guide: Maissa Moustafa
Meeting point at Ibn Tulun Mosque, at 1:30 pm
Tour starts by 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm
Reservations through vodafone cash. 20% of proceeds go to Athar Lina's heritage schol for Khalifa's children.
The tour followed by Film screening on Dome of Shajar al-Durr at 6:00 pm. The film screening is free of charge and the film will be announced shortly.