Trenchless Technology Approach To Infrastructure
14 Dec, 2016
Trenchless Technology Approach To Infrastructure - Amr El Sheikh &Mohammed El Sheikh (Bonian) The third public lecture of the Conservation School on salt and groundwater problems in historic settings within the framework of Athar Lina's Groundwater Research Project. *Event description: The Lecture discusses the concept of trenchless technology which includes building and renewing infrastructure with the least amount of digging and damage to surfaces (paving and streets) using the different techniques and methods in the field. It is used in all types of infrastructure including water, sewage, gas, industrial pipes, electric cables, and communications optic fibres. This technology is particularly a suitable structural choice in urban areas with high densities of traffic and infrastructure. and it can be in some cases the least expensive and destructive to the environment. *Athar Lina Groundwater Research Project organised by Athar Lina Initiative (Megawra-Built Environment Collective) in partnership with the Ministry of Antiquities and in collaboration with Cairo Governorate, the University of Oregon, the University of Cornell and Takween. Funded by the American Research Centre in Egypt with additional funding from the US Embassy, Cairo. *The lecture will be in Arabic *Location: Megawra al-Khalifa (Khalifa community center) A Google map showing the directions to Megawra al-Khalifa: